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The Principles of Cosmic Exploration

by Cometan



The Septidoxy is the seventh disquisition contributing to the total of twelve which form The Omnidoxy, the philosophical treatise which founded the philosophy of Astronism, as solely authored by Cometan. 

The Septidoxy is of particular importance to the development of Astronism as well as setting the theme of the Omnidoxy due to the fact that it is entirely predicated upon explaining, exploring, and contemplating space exploration as a whole and the many different processes, events, practicalities, and emerging methods and beliefs from the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos. While the Monodoxy contemplates The Cosmos, the Septidoxy contemplates space exploration and especially practical elements which will be integral to our conduct of space exploration activities. 

The Septidoxy is provided with its own inclusive discipline known as expology which entirely encompasses the philosophical contemplation of space exploration as distinct from the contemplation of space and celestials themselves which is encompassed within the monodoxical inclusive discipline of compendology. 

Contemplating questions such as the effects of space travel on humans both biologically and psychologically, the Septidoxy is entirely concerned with the practical viability of space exploration and the rationale for space exploration.

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