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The word Astronism is formed of the prefix astro- and the suffix -ism. The prefix astro- pertains to the stars and outer space as well as the endeavour of space exploration while the suffix -ism denotes a belief system or principle. This results in the meaning "the belief system of the stars" which is why Astronism sometimes colloquially called the religion of the stars or the philosophy of the stars to reflect Astronism's status as both a cosmocentric religion and space religion because of its central doctrine of transcension.

In another sense, the word Astronism can be understood as deriving directly from the word astronomy with the alteration of the suffix -ism. This would result in the meaning "the religion and philosophy of astronomy".

The word used for a follower of Astronism is Astronist. Indeed, this adjective and noun continues with the use of the prefix astro- but uses the suffix -ist to denote a follower of a system of beliefs. More recently, adjective Astronistic has been coined to refer to anything relating to Astronism, Astronists or their beliefs and practices while the adverb Astronistically has been coined to denote an action or saying conducted that is characteristic of Astronists or Astronism.


The religion that Cometan founded was originally called Millettism because it had been originally associated with a fictional character he had created when he was 15 years old named Jesse Millette. This character expressed a new religion and so for want of a better word, Cometan used the character's surname to refer to the new religion. However, when Cometan began to receive far more intensely revelations from the stars through the phenomena of astral ecstasy and indrucy, the character of the religion began to detach from its humble fictional origins and began to become a real-world religion.

This transition meant that Millettism would need a new name to reflect the astronomical theme of the religion. The word Astronism may seem an obvious choice for the religion now but this realisation only came to Cometan on 17th October 2018. This is the day the word Astronism first came to Cometan's mind and indeed this intensified the long process of carving out a distinct Astronist identity which one could fairly say is still ongoing today.

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